Contingent Labour Recruitment

Contract staffing is at the heart of Tundra’s expertise and the principal under which we operate. Tundra was founded in March of 2004 with the vision of becoming the “number one choice for contract staff”. Since then we have perfected our methods, team and recruitment strategy but have never deviated from this goal. Tundra’s vision is central to our success; at Tundra we realize that finding great people is only the beginning, it is our ability to ensure the contract resources are motivated and engaged that will ensure a successful placement. Tundra’s ability to find and manage the most sought after resources has helped Tundra to receive global recognition as one of the Fastest Growing Technology and Engineering Services Companies with annual growth exceeding 1000% (Profit Magazine – “Profit 100” recognized five consecutive years – 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014).

Benefits of Contingent Labour

|     Speed
     |     Precision
     |    Flexibility
     |     Cost Efficiencies

Today’s business environment moves at the speed of light. In order to stay competitive and relevant in any market, organizations are continuously looking for ways to drive innovation while focusing on their core business priorities. Choosing Tundra for contract recruitment allows companies to focus on their expertise while we focus on ours, “connecting the best contract talent in the market with our clients”. Weather organizations choose to augment their workforce to ramp up for a major project or as part of a cost savings initiative, utilizing contract staff will help to reduce the costs associated with recruitment while allowing organizations to scale quickly with little to no long term commitment.